CBG maintains a great deal of historical documentation.  Our original founders engaged in respectable work that created many volumes of paper.  Since our current staff have no direct experience with issues prior to the mid 1990s, we will make a some items available over time that we find interesting as we slowly go through the historical documents.  Please feel free to forward your comments if you notice any knowledge gaps that you can help populate.

Following is an interesting general plan review document from 1964. The city of Pleasanton only had about 6,000 people and was preparing for its most dramatic growth boom ever.  One noteworthy feature is the proposed BART station on Valley avenue.  It was intended to serve Pleasanton residents closer to downtown, and continue toward central Livermore. The entire BART line was planned to be built within existing railroad rights-of-way. Some time later, Pleasanton made the decision to dispense with the idea.  One should wonder if the BART line might have been completed to Livermore if this more urban route had been pursued.

Pleasanton General Plan Map 1964

Founding President Curtis Altschul was commended by the Council for his work on Pleasanton’s Industrial Plan committee.