Livermore Land Grab Is Unconscionable

A video of the referenced Altamont Landfill Open Space Committee is posted on our Youtube channel

The Altamont Landfill Settlement Fund exists to buy and protect agricultural land from development. Working the system to its advantage as an insider, Livermore city staff nearly got away with acquiring millions of dollars in grant money to buy land – for itself!  We consider the City’s action to be an abuse of the process.

On February 8th, they applied for $3.6 million in funding. The ALOSC Committee accepted the applications, and a special board meeting agenda was drafted the next day.  When CBG heard about it, we intervened in every way we knew possible.

One week later, Livermore attended the hastily arranged gathering, poised to receive their payments. Committee Chair Shawn Wilson did exactly what a voting member should properly do.  He listened to the facts without prejudgment, and guided the committee members to carefully consider the issues.  Enthusiastic and passionate residents attended and pleaded their case. The votes were cast, and Livermore didn’t receive any money. The website has a video of the meeting.

The next ALOSC meeting will be held on March 15th at 12:30, at the Public Works Building in Dublin, 4825 Gleason Drive. Livermore will likely try the same maneuver again. Everyone is encouraged to attend, and speak. Zoom is also available.

Since Livermore is currently attempting to eat up over a thousand acres east of Greenville, it adds credence to the argument that this Administration is no friend to open space protection.  Grant funds intended for preservation should only be used for situations where land is actually being preserved, as through a parks department or land trust. Stewardship of environmental resources should never be entrusted to entities that may themselves become a threat.