Dougherty Valley Settlement

This topic goes to the core of what CBG is all about.  When a development action negatively affects a neighbor, the developer should work with the neighbor so that everyone can be at ease with the result. Such a level of cooperation is too often lacking on one side or the other.

In this case, a residential home developer sought to build thousands of houses in the Dougherty Valley, but build few employment destinations for the residents. So, the only way for the residents to get to their workplaces was by car, and a long freeway drive for many. Nearby residents already faced difficult commute traffic and the developer did not adequately deal with the reality of the backups they were going to cause.

CBG filed suit, and was joined by the City of Livermore. The result was a settlement where the developer paid several $million to acquire land that might have otherwise been further developed and add even more traffic.  So, congestion will be “less bad” on highway 580, but worse than before the development.  We would have preferred a solution that would have improved traffic, but this was better than nothing.

We did an expanded explanation of the fund as a post in 2022.

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