Old Lucky Center Parking Lot Redevelopment

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This post has information for Livermore residents as they consider redevelopment options for the Lucky Center parking lot between First street and Railroad Ave, east of L Street.  The overall process has been subject to a great deal of differing opinions and controversy.

After City staff began the planning process and awarded Lennar Homes the chance to design and build it, “Community Group” was formed and followed with alternative ideas.

Community Group Alternative http://vibrantlivermore.com
Lennar Alternative http://cityoflivermore.net/downtown
Here is an inspiring example of a well regarded project,  Cleveland Town Square.

Other resources:
Here are the original RFP documents for City staff’s envisioned housing development and hotel development that began the current process. These RFPs were created prior to any community workshops.


Downtown Specific Plan
This plan lays out the community vision for downtownrevitalization. It summarizes the goals to be implemented by thePlan, describes geographic location of the Plan area, and the process used in the Plan’s primary components.

City of Livermore General Plan
Fundamental land use and development policy document which shows how the city will grow and conserve its resources

Parcel Maps Land division maps, showing all related parcels

Preliminary Title Reports
Shows all various liens, encroachments, easements and anything else recorded against the property

Topography & Boundary Surveys
Survey establishing the perimeter of the property as it relates to the legal description

Speedee Oil Change Lease
Eastern 1.46 acre potential hotel site includes a lease with Speedee Oil Change (LED 11/25/2018)

Residential For-Sale Projects
List of residential for-sale projects in Livermore (approved, under construction, or completed since 2008)

Multifamily Rental Comparables
List of residential multi -family rental comparables in and near Livermore

Downtown Parking Management Study
Represents the City ’s efforts to address parking challenges in downtown, existing
and future

Livermore Demographics and Area Information
Statistical study encompassing the size, structure, and distribution of population in Livermore –
also includes information regarding major employers, healthcare, schools, major retail and entertainment centers, and transportation corridors and public transit in the area

Downtown Livermore Amenities Map
Map detailing downtown Livermore attractions, businesses, retailers, restaurants and other amenities

Map of Livermore Wineries
Location map showing Livermore wineries

Development & Impact Fees
City of Livermore fees associated with the project development

City of Livermore Video
Video detailing Livermore area attractions

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