November 4, 2014 Ballot Positions

Alameda County Measure BB – NO

Citizens for Balanced Growth is recommending a NO vote on Measure BB, the Alameda County sales tax increase and extension.  It will raise sales taxes by 1/2% for at least 30 years and make Alameda the highest taxed county in California. Sometimes tax increases are wise, but we don’t believe BB will provide an honest value for the Tri-Valley, or adequately address the environmental issues that are important to CBG and our donors.

The promise of Livermore BART and reduced traffic congestion is attractive, but Measure BB fails in both these respects.   A careful reading of their “plan” reveals that the BART money is uncommitted; it could easily result in the all too familiar story of Livermore paying the tax and not getting BART.  As for traffic congestion, ACTC’s own projections show that it will be worse after their spending plan is implemented, not better. ACTC is trying to solve tomorrow’s traffic problems with yesterday’s solutions, and they won’t work.

As for paratransit, bus subsidies and the rest, they can be provided with reallocation or even a sensible local tax.  Otherwise, ACTC can propose a more effective plan which should be achievable in a couple of years. With almost eight years before the existing tax expires, they have all the time they need.

For 32 years, CBG has promoted environmental actions that make good sense.  Unfortunately, Measure BB falls short.

Dublin Measure T – NO

We can’t add anything to the discussion that hasn’t already been well articulated.


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